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Wright County Recreational Soccer Program

Picture Schedule

Wright County Rec Program Picture Schedule
Monday 11-Jun  
5:40 Wildcats Gophers
5:50 Comets Sun
6:00 Stars Flares
6:10 Panthers Wolves
7:00 Tigers Lynx
7:10 Jaguars Bengals
7:20 Galaxy Heat
7:30 Badgers Hawkeyes
7:40 Cougars Huskies
7:50 Open  
Tuesday 12-Jun  
5:40 Voyagers Titans
5:50 Killer Bees Hornets
6:00 Sharks Dolphins
6:10 Thunder Lightning
6:50 Cyclones Hurricanes
7:00 Storm Wildfire
7:10 Crusaders Spartans
7:20 Barracudas Sting Rays
7:30 Ice Blizzard
7:40 Wasps Yellow Jackets
7:50 Knights Gladiators
8:00 Marlins Piranhas
Weds 13-Jun  
6:10 Pythons Vipers
6:20 Raptors Horned Frogs
6:30 Gators Rattlers
7:00 Scorpions Dragons
7:10 Diamond Backs Cobras
Thurs 14-Jun  
6:10 Hawks Robins
6:20 Orioles Falcons
6:30 Eagles Owls
7:00 Ravens Condors
7:10 Cardinals Blue Jays

In the event there is a rain out, pictures will still be held at your specified time in Peterson Arena at the Civic Center.  

Questions, contact Dan Adams -

YEAR END TOURNAMENT! July 19th - July 28th

Buffalo Soccer Club Announces Merger with Wright County Soccer Club

Buffalo Soccer Club and Wright County Soccer Club are excited to announce that we have joined forces in an effort to bring a more complete array of soccer playing opportunities to the surrounding community.  This merger will allow our soccer playing youth the ability to pursue soccer at a level that best suits their needs.

2017 Team Photographs

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