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Coaches, Parents, and Player's Code of Conduct

Buffalo / Wright County Soccer Club

Coach, Parent, Player, Spectator, Board Member Code of Conduct

As a coach, parent, player, spectator, or board member of Buffalo / Wright County Soccer, I agree to:

  1. Treat all players, coaches, referees and spectators with respect. This applies to representatives of both teams.
  2. Control my emotions. I will refrain from negative comments and abusive behavior directed toward any player, coach, referee or spectator.  BWCS policy of "inform/warn/dismiss" will be enforced. 
  3. Address any and all concerns regarding players, referees, or spectators to my team coach or a member of the BWCS board. I will not engage in any negative behavior/discussion with a referee, parent, spectator, or coach.  BWCS policy of "inform/warn/dismiss" will be enforced.
  4. Commit to an environment free of drugs, alcohol and tobacco. 
  5. Remember that good practices lead to good games. I will attend (or send my child to) all practices or will notify the coach in the event one must be missed. 
  6. Be prepared for all games and practices – this includes being on time, having all equipment, medication, water etc necessary for the conditions. 
  7. BWCS policy is that all participants play at least 50% of every game.  As a coach, you will be cognizant and must adhere to this policy.

BWCS – Inform/Warn/Dismiss Policy

Parents/Coaches/ Spectators demonstrating negative behavior or not following BWCS policies will be (1) informed that the behavior it not acceptable, (2) if the behavior continues they will be warned that it must stop, (3) if the behavior does not cease after the warning they will be dismissed from the activity.